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Dentist Certification Courses

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Moderate Sedation Training Course

3 days clinical instruction

60+ hours of instruction

20+ patients treated


2022 Pricing:


Requisite to obtain dental sedation permit. Instruction in minimal, moderate, oral, IV, and inhalation sedation.


Exceeds ADA training guidelines. Meets most state training requirements for permitting.*


Brigham City, Utah

St. George, Utah

Sioux City, Iowa



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*Although all courses are designed to exceed minimum ADA requirements, provide AGD-PACE recognized CE didactic hours and have been recognized by many state licencing bodies to be sufficient for licensure, it is the sole responsibility of each course participant to ensure that courses meet their state's licensing requirements. Dentinoimcs, its course directors and affiliates are not responsible to ensure a given state recognizes a given training course  as sufficient for licensure or not.

Some dentists get certified in residency.
Others absorb $25,000 in costs.
You've always wonered if it would really be worth it.
Now, for the first time ever, it is...
Tuition: $17,495 through 2019
Work Days Missed: 1
Return on investment: 15-30 cases
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Course Calendar

Moderate Sedation: Initial & Recert. Course

Clinical Care: 3/16-18/2023 (2 spots left) 

Contact us HERE schedule didactic portion

Moderate Sedation: Initial & Recert. Course

Clinical Care: Winter 2023 TBD (6 spots left) 

Contact us HERE schedule didactic portion

Cancellation Policy


Payment in full due at time of registration. Registration transferrable without penalty may be granted at Dentinomics' discresion until 60 days prior to posted start date of clinical session.

Calcellation 30-60 days prior to course start date incurs a cancellation fee equal to 50% of course tuition. No refunds for cancellations 0-30 days prior to course start date

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